Graphic Design LT 1.2 – Ideation

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  • Post published:15 August 2022

For this task I was to research different ideation techniques and write about three that I have used before or would like to try in the future.

Storyboarding is a technique I’ve used a lot for moviemaking in my previous education, and also for making comics. It’s all about testing and creating a linear order of different scenes before they are to be made in their final version. This technique is best suited for visual elements that has to be put into an order.

Another ideation technique I’ve used a lot is sketching. Sketching is a good way to explore ideas more visually, instead of using words. Sketches are loosely made drawings – where the point is to transfer ideas to the paper more than it is to make visually pleasing images.

I came across an ideation technique called “Worst ideas” which I found interesting. The point of this technique is to intentionally come up with “bad ideas”, which can be improved and developed on a later stage. The whole point of this technique is to reduce the fear of receiving criticism for your ideas – and it also makes the ideation stage more fun.

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