Graphic Design 2 LT 1.1 – Create a Logo

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  • Post published:16 August 2022

In this lesson task we had develop a name and create a logo for a dog food product.

The name I came up with for the product was Dingorido Dog Food. I thought this could be a product specially made for bringing on hiking trips.

Before starting the sketching process, I created a mood board:

My first sketches consisted of elements (mainly cliches) that could be used for the logo’s icon. These would have to give some kind of associations to dogs and dog food. I also wanted the logo to have some connection outdoor activities/hiking/camping/nature as well, and I continued therefore drawing elements that could be associated with this.

I highlighted the three ideas from the exploration thumbnails that I thought worked best. These were one icon representing a mountain and one representing a tent (both creating connection to the outdoor aspect of the product), as well as a bone to create an easily recognizeable connection to dog food (since bones are a well known cliché).

Next, I redrew one of my concepts. I chose the one representing a tent.

After asking others which of the thumbnail sketches they liked the most, it ended up being the one I redrew under “Construction”.

At last, I re-created the logo using Adobe Illustrator.

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