Screen-Based Design LT 2.2 – Accessibility in User Interface Design

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  • Post published:16 August 2022

For this lesson task we were asked to look at the website design below and consider its accessibility for users with eyesight trouble. After defining the problems, we should recreate the design to make it better, focusing on readability of the text and the comprehensiveness of the description used for the labels in the main navigation.

The main problem with the textual elements is the lack of contrast from their background, which makes them hard to read. This problem can be solved by altering the color usage. Also, the overlapping between two different backgrounds (like the text “Earth Day Carnival” and the text below does, between white/gray and blue) lowers the readability, and is not necessary. This problem can be solved by adjusting the placement of elements.

Here is my attempt on a new version:

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