Strategic Design LT 2.1 – Understanding Identity

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  • Post published:16 August 2022


This week’s topic was brand identity. In the first lesson task we had to analyze the logos of three different companies: Instagram, Mercedes-Benz and Mastercard. 

Instagram is a social media platform where users share photos and videos. Early versions of the Instagram logo had a detailed image of a polaroid camera. The logo still shows a camera clearly through the use of very simple shapes, based on the original logo. The later version uses a bright colored gradient from contrasting colors which can represent a diversity of content and users. The curved edges gives the logo a fun, friendly and relaxed appearance.

Mercedes cars are associated with luxury. Their logo is simple and symmetric, and has a metallic/silver color that is associated with wealth, prestige and elegance. The iconic, three pointed star-shape makes the logo easily recognizable and has a classy aesthetic that symbolizes quality and success. The sharp, pointy shapes also gives it a more energetic appearance.

MasterCard is a company that delivers electronic payment solutions, most notably through credit cards. Their logo and consists of two warm colored, overlapping circles that makes up a third, in-between color in the area where they intersect. The overlapping creates a connection between the circles, and the symmetry makes an even balance between the two. This could represent a link between the customer and their bank account. Credit cards should be easy to use, and a simple design, such as the one in MasterCard’s logo, suits the company’s brand identity.


In the second part of this lesson task we had to do research on the history of the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Monogram handbag and describe the company’s brand’s identity and logo.

Louis Vuitton is a french company that sells luxury clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery and accessories and is one of the most profitable brands in the world. It was founded in Paris in 1854 as a luggage company that made trunks for carrying belongings. Their products soon became renowned for its high quality. With the growing popularity of the Louis Vuitton trunks, imitations started appearing. As a way to protect their products from imitators, the design was changed. This is when the products got the iconic beige and brown color. Some time later, the famous LV monogram was added into the product’s canvas and became a trademark for the brand. Today, Louis Vuitton still uses the LV monogram canvas with the same beige and brown color on their product. For over 150 years, Louis Vuitton have been associated with exceptional quality and craftsmanship. It has maintained its reputation and become a luxury brand with a long tradition. I will argue that the consistent use of colors, patterns and a timeless design — with the monogram logo implemented into all of their products — plays an important part of the success. The logo has remained unchanged since it first appeared. It is made up only of two letters merged together. The letters are set in a serif font, which gives it a classic appearance. The logo is simplistic, which makes it exclusive, recognizable and easy to remember.

I think that Louis Vuitton has, through a hard earned reputation, positioned themselves as a very exclusive brand. With very high prices, their products are marketed towards a target group of wealthy consumers that appreciate — and are willing to pay a lot for — the high quality products and their exclusiveness.

In 1930 Louis Vuitton’s made their first handbag. It was called Speedy, and it became a huge success. The bag was soon introduced with the iconic monogram canvas design. The size of the bag is referred to by a number in the product name. The original was 30 cm, and, consequently, named Speedy 30.

I think that one of the main reasons for the bag’s success was the fact that it was designed for everyday use. It was small and easily manageable — it wasn’t, like all previous products, intended for longer journeys. With the Speedy handbag, Louis Vuitton expanded their assortment from travelling equipment to include products for regular, daily use. Now, with the monogram canvas on their handbag, the Louis Vuitton logo and their recognizable design would be more frequently visible for a bigger range of viewers, in a new arena. Their products became a part of everyday life. Over the years, customised versions of the bag has been made specifically for movie stars and celebrities, which contributed considerably to it becoming one of the most well known bags in the world.

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