Screen-Based Design LT 7.2 – Design a Form

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  • Post published:16 August 2022

In this lesson task we were asked to analyse and redesign a form used to make appointments on a vet clinic website.

The main problem with the form I found to be that it was hard to understand. The labels didn’t make much sense to me. Above the form, there was a long text with some kind of explanation of how to pick a subject, or “Reason” for contacting the clinic. I think that this should be avoided, and the form and its labels should be more self-explanatory for the average user. Also, there’s two different fields for choosing subject called “Reason Group” and “Reason”. This makes the form more complicated than it needs to be. I think these could be renamed and merged into one single field.

Next, on the first form (Part 1/3), there is no way of telling the user if an input field is required or not. This should be included to avoid error messages. The calendar used to pick a date for the appointment is also much too big for its use.

Furthermore, the form has its own scrolling function (aside from the page itself), which I found annoying. Each time you click on a date on the calendar or a time of the day, you will be sent to the top of the form section.

At last, I think both part 1 and 2 of the form (which are now split into different pages) could be merged into one single form/page.

I used Adobe XD to create a redesign of the form.

Lastly, we should create three examples of how different components in the form would show an error message.

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